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Dete Animal Rescue Trust

D.A.R.T. is working with Zimbabwe National Parks Ecologists on the “Hwange Leopard Project” in response to the growing concerns regarding the actual status of Leopards and the sustainability of the hunting quota defined by CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) together with illegal hunting and poaching of this animal.

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For 2014, D.A.R.T. will increase the number of Leopards being studied and monitored by capturing and fitting additional tracking collars to provide a better understanding of the movements, distribution and social dynamics of the Hwange Leopards.

Sadly Leopards are highly prized trophies for sport hunters.

Leopard Project
with Zimbabwe National Park 
investigate on Hwange leopard status

Wildlife Conservation
 Snares removal
 Anti-poaching support
 Waterhole Assistance

D.A.R.T. was formed in 1999 in Dete by Paul de Montille − a Zimbabwean and a Professional Wildlife Guide − to alleviate the suffering of animals caught in wire snares set by poachers.

D.A.R.T. is a registered wildlife Trust based in Hwange National Park that not only darts (immobilizes) and treats snared and injured wildlife, but for many years has also conducted snare patrols to search for and remove these horrific devices from the bush before they can do any harm.

Over time D.A.R.T. expanded its operations to provide assistance and valuable logistical support including vehicles, fuel and equipment to researchers & National Park Rangers in the field.