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We are not getting paid by anyone, we are Conservationist

at heart, offering our experience, skills and wildlife expertise on the ground any time, day or night, making no difference whether it's weekends or weekdays.

Yet reality is this work implies lots of expenses to be able to operate in the bush.

Long drives on dirty roads, off-road when necessary, our old 4x4 vehicles are going through very hard time! There are always service and repairs needed, car spares cost a fortune, tyres have to be changed, and you can't believe the price of diesel here!

We have lots of equipment, some need  to be fixed or renewed (tracking areal, strong transport boxes,...). We also need to buy new satellite tracking collars - which technology is amazing and provide excellent information about the animal but are also quite pricey (a few thousand dollars each).

We also use a variety of veterinary medecines and drugs: tranquilizers, analgesics, sedatives for herbivores, others for carnivores, disinfectant, antibiotics, ...

D.A.R.T. is only able to operate and carry out its work and rescues thanks to donations from people who share our passion and dedication to Wildlife Conservation.

You can help and contribute to Wildlife Conservation:

            by providing some of the equipment we make extensive use of

            or by contributing in funding them

Every contribution will be greatly appreciated and we will be happy to closely keep you informed of what we are up to, with personalised communication and pictures



Barclays DART Bank account details:

Bank Name:              Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited

Branch:                      Main Street Branch

Bank Address:           ‪100 Main Street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Account Name:          Dete Animal Rescue Trust

Account Number:       2307-1045013

SWIFT Code:             BARCZWHX

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